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A Thought for Those Who Are Suffering

The Russian government is currently invading Ukraine and my heart is breaking.

I can't imagine what people are going through right now and I only wish that the world wasn't so cruel.

I can't even comprehend or make sense of the fact that while some people are fighting for their very lives and homes, others are basking in their wealth and luxury.

The unfairness of life will never sit right with me.

All I can do right now is name it, bear witness to the suffering, and do what I can to turn my heartbreak into help.

And yet, by some cruel and necessary pull of life, even in the midst of suffering, we must continue to cultivate all that is good and hopeful, shining a small glimmer of light for those who are in the midst of darkness.

I know that during the darkest times of my own life, it has been the courage, resiliency, and even joy of others that has been my most important beacon of hope.

May we somehow find the wisdom and space to honor it all.

(Here is a list that offers a few options for helping those in need right now.)

Lots of love,

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