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Free Printable 2022 Monthly Calendar

Yes, it's almost 2022 and I still like to use an actual paper-and-pencil calendar system. Nobody will ever convince me to do it any other way.


It's just who I am and I will not apologize.

For anyone else who refuses to use any type of electronic device for life planning, here's a free printable calendar with four different color options:

I just tweaked a Canva template, so if you want to make your own, head over there and type "2022 calendar" in the search box. I love Canva with all my heart and use it for everything.

Also, you can head over to my art and design website where you will find some options for free printable images that you can use as a cover for your calendar. (I use a plain white binder that has a clear pocket in the front so I can change out the cover whenever I feel like it.)

The New York Public Library also has some very cool free printable images that you can print and use as a cover. This site is amazing and full of all kinds of artistic options.

Happy 2022 life planning!

Lots of love,


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