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Having Fun With Personal Style

Ever since I can remember, I have always been obsessed with the concept of personal style.

I must have watched the Andie-makes-her-prom-dress scene in Pretty in Pink over a hundred times and I swear I couldn't have been more than five years old when I begged my mom to let me cut my jeans into Daisy Dukes. (She didn't let me.)

I'll never forget the year I asked for my first pair of high heels for Christmas and didn't get them.

Nothing else mattered.

Christmas was over for me. (Luckily I have since bought myself plenty of heels to make up for that heartbreaking day.)

Anyway, I just love style.

I love the way you can take any combination of colors, textures, and patterns and put them on your body like art.

I love the way you can explore, experiment, and evolve in ways that are fresh, fun, and inspiring.

Over the years, my style has evolved as the seasons of my life have changed.

The sick-mom-of-four-kids years were mostly spent in a pair of jeans with a black t-shirt and slip-ons. That's about all I could manage at the time, and honestly, I don't really regret it. Style can actually take a lot of mental bandwidth and that was something I did not have a surplus of.

I've been through the Carry Bradshaw, Rachel Green, and Audrey Hepburn phases, and now I'm kind of a mix of French girl meets SoCal meets New York that's trying to dress an ever-changing midlife body.

I know.

That's a lot of adjectives, but that's how I like it.


I don't like to pin myself down and will always reserve the right to wake up everyday and wear whatever I feel like.

Having said that, I do enjoy learning about the different types of styles so that I can intentionally create looks based on my moods.

This is a great video that I have watched a few times to help me hone in on what I might like at any given moment.

Personal style, for me, is just another way to intentionally cultivate joy in life.

And who doesn't need more joy?

Lots of love,


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