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How Writing In a Dumping Journal Has Saved My Sanity

I am both a chronic over-thinker and an extreme HSP, which is kind of a rough combination for someone who just wants to cultivate peace and joy in this messy world.

There is no shortage of "stuff" to sort through and process for me.

This is why one of my most important tools in life has been my dumping journal.

And when I say "dumping journal," I am talking about grabbing a BIG STACK of blank paper or a big blank notebook and DUMPING OUT ALL THE BRAIN STUFF in no particular order and in the most un-beautiful way possible.

There's giant scribbles.

There's nonsense.

There's no rhyme or reason.

There's chaos.

It's just all my thoughts poured onto the page.

All of them.

I write whatever pops into my head so that I can get it ALL out of my brain.

Once I have done this, I start the process of sorting of deciding which things I can do something about and which things I have to just let go of.

Anyway, that's my dumping journal process. It certainly isn't a pretty journal that I would be proud to show my grandchildren, but it serves its purpose for me in a big way.

Happy brain dumping!

Lots of love,


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