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How To Get Anything You Want (In Three Simple Steps)

There are a lot of privileged influencers out there who are selling us the idea that you can get anything you want if you just follow a few simple steps.

Some of them probably even believe it, because they followed these few simple steps and DID end up getting (almost) everything they wanted.

They probably had some pretty rough hardship in their life, followed the steps, got what they wanted, and then felt an obligation to tell the world all about it.

People who are selling you this are not telling you the whole truth.

They are bottling up some bits of truth (like gratitude, hope, love, kindness, surrender, healthy mindset, focus, and intentional effort) and selling you a formulaic illusion that these things will actually get you EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

They are disregarding people who are navigating complex realities of life.

They are disregarding the different seasons and chapters of life.

They are disregarding the fact that yes, you can control some aspects of life, but you can't control everything.

I just read an article that was perpetuating this myth and in their very own words they said,

"Be open to the possibility when things don't go your way."


Isn't that literally the definition of NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT?!

Do yourself a favor and walk away from that bs.

Lots of love,


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