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I Got Rid of My Faux Peonies

A few blogposts back, I wrote about my complicated relationship with faux flowers.

You can read that here, in case you missed it and feel like your life would not be complete unless you did so. :0)

The bottom line is that I love real flowers, but they don't live very long and I don't want to have to replace them all the time - BUT, I don't really love faux flowers because they always seem to look too fake to me.

Anyway, I tried the faux pale pink peonies for a while, but every single time I walked by them I had such mixed feelings that I decided it was time to try something different.

Enter the natural dried botanicals and faux quirky ball stems that don't bother me because they don't look like they are really trying to be faux flowers, which means that for some reason I am ok with it.

I have no idea why I'm ok with them and not the faux peonies, but whatever.

I am very happy now and I really love that this looks a bit more unique and a little less traditional than the peonies.

I have weird quirks about flowers. I don't even understand myself sometimes.

Anyway, here are a few more shots.

I am REALLY liking this arrangement at the moment.

We'll see how long this one lasts.

Lots of love,


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