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Keeping Myself in Focus

I have four kids (all with medical challenges to one degree or another) - which has been a lot for me over the years as I've navigated my own health challenges.

And my family has always been my top priority.

This has served me well most of the time, but there have been times when I have forgotten that I am a "part of the family" as well.

That my health and well-being are just as important.

That I need to keep myself "in focus" even when family life gets busy.

This doesn't mean that the focus doesn't sometimes shift to other members of my family (of course it does), but it just means that I am careful to make sure that the focus shifts (and actually defaults) back to me so I can regroup and stay healthy.

It's all too easy for me to get caught up in all the fun (and sometimes not-so-fun) "kid" stuff -science presentations, album release parties, Rubik's cube competitions, relationship complexities - but I have to remember that I need to be intentional about putting myself at the top of the list.

Because if I'm not well, inspired, and fulfilled, I can't be a support to the ones I love.

Also, if I'm not well, I'm not well.

And I freaking matter too! (Um, why did I not internalize this before?)

Lots of love,


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