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Living Life on My Own Terms

The concept of living life on your own terms seems like a simple and obvious one, but when you spend four decades of your life in a religion that tells you ALL THE WAYS you need to live your life, it feels almost impossible.

It takes some serious brain rewiring.

I left said high-control religion over four years ago and I'm still working on it.

It's not easy to completely change the way you view the world and yourself in it, but it's so, so worth it.

Because I've come to realize that I AM MY BEST SHOT at figuring out my next best steps.

No religion, guru, author, coach, or even therapist knows what's best for me.

I do.

And even when I'm not really sure what steps to take, I will always be the one who has the best chance at making the choices that are for my highest good.

This doesn't mean that I don't value the opinions and insights of others.

Of course I do.

But it does mean that I will never again value the opinions and insights of others over my own. I will always use my own wisdom and experience to ultimately make decisions that feel the best for me at the time.

And even if I make a mistake, or if something doesn't quite turn out like I thought it would, that's ok. I can go back to the drawing board and try again, but at least it is MY DRAWING BOARD I am working on.

I saw this quote by Yung Pueblo today and loved it so much:

"Some people will get mad at you for not being who they want you to be. One of the biggest forms of self-betrayal is living your life by their rules instead of your own. Your task is simple: be kind, be real, stay humble, keep growing, and unapologetically live your best life."

Love, love.


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