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Living Room Refresh for Spring

April is just around the corner and I've been craving a little more color and creativity around our place.

It's interesting to me how I go through stages of wanting more pops of color, texture, and creative vignettes and then other stages where I crave much, much less.

I think it has to do with the season changes as well as what's going on in my life at the time.

Busier and more intense chapters seem to call for less visual busy-ness for my eyes to process.

Anyway, the energy of spring around here feels pretty open and vibrant, so I thought I'd try to capture that with this room refresh.

I decided to go with a color palette of terracottas, shades of pink (surprise, surprise) and a little bit of teal here and there.

You can see how I used the different colors in these photos. I tend to prefer to stick with a mostly-neutral, mostly-light-and-airy color palette and then add small pops of color here and there for interest and fun.

I can NEVER seem to find the exact styles and colors of pillows I want when I'm doing a room refresh, so I ended up DIYing a few of them this time. I just do the envelope pillow cover approach so I can easily take them off and don't have to bother with sewing in a zipper.

The embroidered leaf pillow below was actually so easy. I used a pre-made pillow cover for this one and then drew a leaf on it with pencil, then sewed large stitches using thick yarn. (I think the combination of the large stitches and thick yarn is what made the process easier. No tiny stitching that takes forever!)

I made the peach-colored pillow on the right from a regular pillow case and just sized it down to be the size of a decorative pillow.

The tassels on this one (below, right) were so fun and easy to make! (Also, I think I need a different pillow insert for this one. It's looking a bit lumpy.)

For this one (below, left) I just added a strip of fabric over the top of a lumbar size envelope cover.

I always think I'm going to be able to find just the exact pillows I want and then end up being kind of surprised when it's harder than I thought. That's why I love to make my own.

I painted the vase below using this technique. I used an inexpensive glass bottle, then painted it all white with basic craft acrylic paint mixed with baking soda. (I used baking SODA, not baking powder, and I love how it turned out!) I also wanted to add a bit more interest, so I painted a strip of blush pink at the bottom. (Kind of hard to tell in this photo, but trust me, it's there.)

Also, can you tell how much I love dried flowers? I think they are always SO UNIQUE and interesting.

I almost cry every time I see this blush pink guitar.

I got my first Fender guitar when I was a teenager (it was bright red and super cool) but then I didn't play for a number of years because I got married young, had a handful of kids, and got super sick with chronic illness. Fast forward a couple of decades and I decided to start it up again as an adult.

I am NOT a guitar god, nor never will I ever be, but nothing makes me happier than sitting down to play "Time After Time" on a rainy day.

You don't have to rock out on a stadium stage to enjoy the love of music! And it happens to be one of my favorite room decor pieces of ALL TIME!!

Anyway, here are a few more shots around the room. We have been loving this room refresh.

The coral-colored art piece framed below the mirror (below) is just a piece of fabric with a couple of strips of yarn added for a little touch of creativity.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. It honestly took quite a bit of intentional planning and time to put it all together, but I'm trying to do better at just accepting the fact that real life is NOT like a 30-minute episode of some design show on HGTV.

Happy decorating!

Lots of love,


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