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My Complicated Relationship with Faux Flowers

I love flowers.

Pale pink peonies to be exact.

I love the way they look in a super cool vase all bunched up together as if I picked them up from a French flower shop on my way to grab a pastry with a friend.

The problem is that they are very hard to find where I live.

Every once in a while I'll get lucky, but mostly it's a no-go.

Because of this, I've had to really dig deep to determine whether or not faux flowers are on my "yes" list for home decor.

I will admit that I'm kind of picky about them.

I think I have a personal distaste for them because of my childhood visits to my grandma's house, where she displayed the same dozens of dusty, plastic roses for years.

Not exactly the thing I'm going for.

However, since my favorite flowers are hard to find where I live AND even when I do find some, they don't last very long, I've decided to reconsider.

I was browsing through the store this weekend and these pink peonies caught my eye.

I have to admit that I think they look slightly better in the photos that they do in real life, because in real life, you can get super close to them and see that they are fake. But I still like them them. I like the way they soften the room and give it a fresh feeling, even if they aren't actually fresh.

We'll see if they end up surviving my ever-changing moods and tastes.

Lots of love,


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