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My Current Favorite Podcast: The Mindful Kind

The world is full of so much of everything right now.

So much.

And I'm fully aware of the fact that I, myself, am just contributing to the noise.

But in the words of Rob Bell (during a super inspiring workshop I participated in with him) he said "Julia, you are like a volcano. You just have to get it all out in some form or another."

He's right.

Somehow, either through music, art, or writing, it has to come out or I will internally implode.

So, to save myself from personal disaster, I will continue to share my thoughts and ideas in whatever ways I feel like - and everyone can just feel free to take them or leave them. I guess that's the good thing about the internet. Nobody is forcing any of us to take in what we don't want.

At this point in my life, I am just so thankful for concepts and ideas that are universally helpful - the concepts and ideas that don't care what you believe about religion, politics, and whatever else might be going on in all the madness. I am so exhausted with trying to figure out what is true or not true about it all, so podcasts likeThe Mindful Kind just feel like a warm blanket to me.

And Rachael Kable is like the hot chocolate swirling around in your favorite mug - warm, gentle, and comforting.

Listening to her feels like listening to your wise and thoughtful best friend that is there to give you ideas and insights that will help inspire you to live a more intentional, thoughtful, and loving life without making you feel like you are never ever going to ever be good enough.

She brings mindfulness concepts into your heart and mind in a way that is both lucid and relatable.

Her episodes are honest and bite-sized, which is helpful when you only have a few minutes to seek out inspiration.

I also appreciate that she has a Bachelor of Psychological Science. She's gone to school for this stuff and is not just sharing her own opinions like the rest of us regular people are. :o)

You can check out Rachael Kable and her podcast here.

Happy mindful living!

Lots of love,

(Just FYI, I am not getting anything for recommending her podcast. She has no clue who I am. :) I just really like it and wanted to share.)


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