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My Four Words for the New Year

It's New Year's Eve and I'm sitting in my room trying to decide what inspirational word I want to choose for 2022. I've always liked the idea of choosing a word that represents the kind of mindset I want to have for the year, but this year, I'm feeling like one word just isn't enough to express all that I am feeling at the moment.

So, instead of choosing one, I am going with four.

Let's hope the New Year Gods don't strike me down for refusing to narrow it down to just one.

Here they are and why I am choosing them:

ENOUGH - I am choosing this as my first and main word because no matter what does or does not happen during this year, I know I am always enough exactly as I am at the moment. I don't have to be anything other than who I am. I don't have to hustle for my worth. I don't have to please the people who don't know what it's like to live out my story. I don't have to have everything all figured out. I don't have to be perfect. Sure, I can learn, grow, change, evolve, express, and create, but I am starting from a firm and grounded place of enough-ness.

CONFIDENT - I have spent so much time deconstructing so many things in the last few years, that in some ways, I think I have lost confidence in the world, others, and even myself. But this year, I want to build up confidence again. I plan to be super mindful and careful about this and only build up confidence in things that feel wholehearted, honest, loving, resonant, and true to the person I am today.

BRAVE - There's always going to be hard things on my to-do list - the things that I'd rather not do, but know I need to. This year, in particular, I have a few health items on my list that aren't really going to be very fun, so I am choosing this word to help me remember that I can be brave and do the hard things and still be ok - and also even cultivate joy and peace in the middle of them.

INSPIRED - I love to be inspired by good music, uplifting movies, beautiful art, stunning nature, and all the good and lovely things in this world. It can be challenging to feel inspired when there's so much heartbreak in the world (and I will never, ever ignore that part of life) but I also know that when I am intentional about consuming things that uplift and inspire me, I feel so much more peace and joy in my everyday life.

So there they are. My four words for the year. I plan to print them out and put them in my room so I can see them all year.

If you want some ideas for inspirational words just google "word of the year" and you'll find all kinds of great possibilities.

May this new year bring peace, love, and hope for you in whatever ways are best for you.

Lots of love,


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