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Quitting Sugar Is No Joke

I just watched this YouTube video that has a lot of inspiring things to say about quitting sugar.

As a person with tricky autoimmune issues, sugar is especially problematic for me so it's something I'm always trying to come to terms with in my own life.

The doctor says a lot of helpful things here.

Yeah, sugar isn't great for us.

Going off sugar will change your life for the better.


She says some things about the dopamine and blood sugar rollercoaster ride you get with sugar that I find to be extremely helpful points to remember.

But what she says about the actual reality of what it's like to go off sugar just does not reflect my experience.

At all.

When I make the choice to go off of sugar, it takes me many, many, MANY months to recalibrate.



And even then, I still have to wrestle with the mental challenges that come from the fact that sugary foods taste SO GOOD, are often very BEAUTIFUL, and are readily available in pretty much every social gathering known to man.

Going off sugar is NO JOKE for me.

It is not simple or easy in any way.

I am currently working through the cycle of going sugar sober again and it has been HARD! I go a couple of weeks and start to feel a bit better and then cave when my daughter makes ginger cream cheese cookies on a beautiful fall day because,


just that.

They were ginger cream cheese cookies. Do I need to say more?

Even just one of those cookies gave me a massive dopamine rush that kind of put in a bit of a sugar spiral.

This is no joke for me and when I hear doctors speak so positively and passionately about how it will only take you 3-7 days to feel like a completely different person, it just makes me sad. And, honestly, a bit angry as well. It's just not that way for all of us. Some of us have to wrestle with it for MUCH longer. For some of us, it's actually more like a lifelong journey for many different reasons.

So here's to all those that struggle with sugar like I do.

I see you.

We got this.

Lots of love,


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