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My Take on the Whole "Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock" Thing

Nobody needs my opinion. I get it. The world is full of way, way, WAY too much of everything right now and the last thing anyone needs is some random white girl's opinion on something that is entirely not her deal.

But this blog is a place for me to process life and so that's what I'm going to do.

I completely respect if this is not your cup of tea and would rather move on. I would probably do the same. :)

On this particular topic, I've seen extreme viewpoints on basically two sides - either you are completely against what he did or you are in favor of it (way fewer people are in favor of it.)

I land in a complicated place.

I have autoimmune disease.

I've lived with the absolute mess that it is to navigate a complex, chronic health reality in a society that simply does not respect, listen to, and show compassion for people who suffer in ways that are not easily understood by others.

It's not ok to make light of it. (I'm honestly not sure at this point if Chris Rock even knew about her autoimmune condition.)

But, the problem in general has gone on far, FAR too long.

And the fact that we continue to see people in the media poke fun at such things is surprising to me.

Will Smith has most likely witnessed immense pain as his wife has had to navigate her own complicated health realities. (I'm just guessing here.)

I have so much compassion for that.

I understand why he felt as strongly as he did about it.

We must sit back and listen to why the pain is there.

On the other hand, I would never condone violence as a way to handle a complicated situation like this.

I would have LOVED to see him show us a visual sign of disapproval and maybe even talk about it later in the media.

But that's not what happened.

Simply put, (based on my very limited view of the situation) I would say that:

1. I understand why he did it.


2. Violence is not ok and he should be held accountable for the choice he made. (I'm sure he would even agree with this as he has issued a formal apology and is under review.)


3. We need to listen to the people who are in pain and try to understand how we can do better.

Because love listens.

Always and forever.

And all sides of this situation could probably listen and learn a thing or two.

Lots of love,

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