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Cultivate: A New Minimalist Art Collection

Hey! I just added a new four-piece minimalist art collection to my free printable library over at (And yes, I renamed my art website, which used to be raindrops-on-roses.)

The new collection is called "Cultivate" and is a mix of both typography and Matisse-inspired drawings, available in 12 colors.

This four-piece collection includes:

Peace - A state of tranquility or quiet

Joy - A feeling of great pleasure and happiness

Wonder - A feeling of surprise, caused by something beautiful or unexpected

Hope - A feeling of expectation or trust

I have personally had to consciously put in the effort to cultivate (and sometimes even wrestle with) these four words through different seasons of my life, but they are always there waiting for me when I'm ready.

Here are a few shots of some of them at my place.

Happy printing and cultivating!

Lots of love,

You can check out the entire collection HERE.


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