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Ten (Almost) Free and Simple Things I Love To Do

Life is full of so much of everything and I'm trying to do better with tuning out a lot of the noise and consumerism and simply being more present, mindful, and thankful for the little things - the things that don't cost very much money (if any at all). The things that could get ignored or forgotten if I don't take the time to purposefully engage with them.

Here are my current top ten:

1. take a warm bath

2. walk the dog

3. chat with my kids about their lives

4. take close-up photos at the park or around town

5. write in my journal

6. get ready for the day (this is WAY more fun when I'm mindful)

7. read some of my old books and magazines

8. rearrange home decor items

9. watch inspiring shows

10. create art or play the piano (ok, that's two things)

I could go on and add a few more, but these are my current go-to's.

It's amazing how much more peace and joy I feel when I take the time to savor the simple moments that matter most.

How about you? What are your favorites?

Lots of love,



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