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Using the Concept of God to Excuse Bad Behavior

I've seen it my whole life.

A person believes in their version of God.

This person believes that their version of God wants certain things from them (that are most likely very different from the things that your version of God wants from you.)

Then this person behaves in ways that are unethical because their belief in their God's message to them trumps compassion, integrity, and respect for the basic rights of other human beings.

On the surface it seems like no big deal.

God has to be good, right?

God wouldn't want us to harm each other.

Except it happens all the time.

All the time.

And the fact that we all have different ideas of what God is, doesn't seem to help the issue.

"God" is saying completely different things to each of us.

You see it play out when the neighbor down the street won't let their kid play with yours because your kid doesn't attend the same church on Sunday.

You see it when the pedophile's actions are covered up because he is the head of a massive, global church.

You see it when a leader excuses their racist behavior because this is just how God wants things to be.

You see it in the faces of the children who are dying in a war caused by people who believe their God is actually the real one, not yours.

Maybe we're getting God all wrong.

Maybe this isn't the best way to approach things in this messy, beautiful world.

Sometimes I just wish we could hit a global reset button and start over.

Start with basic human rights and ethics.

Imagine that.

If only.

Lots of love and a little bit of frustration,


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