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Why I Love Eclectic Design

I've been thinking about design lately (both in personal style and interior design) and how I've never been able to land on one type of aesthetic. One day, I'm all about boho, SoCal vibes and the next day I'm more into artsy, New York.

Sometimes I like to venture off into the more global vibes of France, Morocco, and the Scandinavian countries and other times it's more about Hawaii, Florida, and Cape Cod.

I like to throw in a bit of "sugar" (lots of whites, pinks, peaches, sparkles, and flowers) and mix it in with a bit of "spice" (neutral, earthy tones, woods, warn objects, and a little bit of black for good measure).

One thing that has always been true for me, however, is that I get bored with just one style.

I just do.

The world is full of so many textures, colors, and styling options that I just can't imagine living one way forever.

I like to rotate, explore, and experiment.

I like to play, create, and dabble.

I'm an evolving person and I like my space to reflect who I am at the time.

I see life as a canvas, and I like my personal style and home to reflect that.

It's an ever-changing creative process for me that can sometimes get frustrating, but is usually just fun - as long as I force myself to be intentional about it and stick within the realm of moderate minimalism.

I see people online who stick with one style and I get tempted to jump in and try it (because they always look so beautiful and serene) but then it never fails - I end up getting bored.

It's just the way I am.

So, I'm embracing my eclectic self.

For better or for worse.

Lots of love,

(By the way, if I HAD to name my current favorite design style, I would probably call it Scandi-Boho-Eclectic.)


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