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Why I'm Taking a Break From Instagram

Instagram is very enticing to me as a visual, multi-passionate person. On the one hand, the beautiful, creative images inspire me to surround myself with things, habits, and mindsets that spark joy - but on the other, it seems to create a certain type of mental chaos and brain clutter that is ultimately not healthy for me.

I have tried to participate in a way that is mindful and careful (I know many people have found ways that work for them), but for me and my personality, it's just too much for me to constantly process.

The metrics, the expectations, the comparing, the opinions (I know I have mine as well, I just don't want to have to process everybody else's constantly) - it's all just too much.

And I find that I waste so much time scrolling through things that don't resonate in order to find the things that do.

So, I'm taking a break.

I'm thankful for what it did for me when I was processing my painful exit out of Mormonism, but I no longer feel like it's serving me in a helpful way. The connections that I initially felt online, slowly began to fade and I started to crave more "real life" interactions. (Not that online friendships aren't "real"- as my son likes to remind me - but they just weren't fulfilling to me anymore.

And I feel like I can get all the creative inspiration I need from blogs and Pinterest, without the need to mindlessly scroll through a social media platform that is designed to get me addicted.

This is not a judgement on anyone else and their decision to do Instagram (or any other social media platform). It's just a declaration of what isn't working for me right now. Not that the world needs my declarations, but I'm going to put them out there anyway. :)

Luckily, no one has to read them on Instagram at the moment.

Lots of love,

Update: I have realized that Instagram can be a good place for me in two instances: 1. To observe and connect with people who are sorting out some of the same life stuff I am (which makes me feel less alone) and 2. To get inspired creatively. I find these things only work for me in VERY SMALL maybe 5 minutes every few days or so. That's how it be right now, anyway. Also, I may post on stories every now and then. Why do I feel like I have to confess?? :) Also, this post used to be called "Why I'm Quitting Instagram" but then I just couldn't quit completely. I just have to be super, super intentional about it.


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