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Quick & Easy Balcony Refresh

It's the end of May and I've been waiting for the surprise frost and snowfalls to stop playing games with me so I can do a simple balcony refresh.

I think we're finally out of the woods.

I used to be the person that would spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and hours and hours of time at the end of May, just trying to make my outside spaces feel like magic.

Not anymore.

Now I just go sweet, simple, and much more minimal.

Intentional, yes. Excessive, no.

I feel like I've learned how to capture the essence of what I love, without having to break myself or my bank account over it.

Anyway, I've been happy with my basic balcony floor plan and furniture choices that I carefully planned out when we moved in here over a year ago. I went with a neutral concept so I could add little pops of color and interest, without having to change everything up when the seasons change.

I can NOT say enough about how important it has been for me to actually plan out and measure my spaces. No more just guessing. No more buying furniture that's either too big or too small for the space.

Hello, measuring tape. How did I not know you were so helpful?

Also, I will never get over how big, white accent pillows just make EVERYTHING SO MUCH BETTER IN LIFE. I'm not kidding. I have them everywhere and I just love the way they freshen and liven up every space they occupy. They are like magic to me.

Just look at how the white pillow makes the purple pop!

Anyway, this year, I decided to add that touch of purple with some flowers and the textured throw pillow to the balcony. It's not overpowering, but still fun and happy.

I added in my favorite snake plants and a couple of other plants and that was it.

Big snake plants are also another one of my favorite life hacks. I don't even plant them. I just leave them in the pot they came in and drop them into my pots at home.

So easy!

Here are a few more pics:

I also strung a few battery-operated fairly lights (NOT the big patio lights that can be a nightmare to hang). This is yet another favorite hack. You still get the vibe, but not the hassle.

Here's a little night shot with the lights and a couple of candles.

I don't think you have to have a big yard and a huge budget to create spaces that spark joy.

A little can go a long way, if you're intentional about it.

Happy spring!

Lots of love,


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